The BEST  Hot Cross  Buns 

Easter Baking

BUNS FOR EASTER BAKING:  Super soft, with a hint of cinnamon and studded with raisins, these buns can be made ahead and frozen.




Prep Time: 20 minutes

Rising time: 3 hours Baking Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 15 buns

INGREDIENTS  to make this recipe

Yeast Flour Salt Oil Eggs Raisins Milk Cinnamon Citrus zest (optional)

Mix yeast with water and some sugar. Make sure it's active.

Add oil, flavorings, salt, and part of the flour.

Add eggs and keep mixing with the paddle attachment.

Add flour gradually at medium speed. It will be wet and pool at the bottom.

Change to the dough hook. It will begin to leave the sides of the bowl.

The dough is ready when it *almost* completely leaves the sides of the bowl.

Let double and punch down. Dump onto a clean surface.

Cut strips and then cut small pieces.

Form balls and roll them with your palm.

You can also use both hands (it takes a little practice!).

Place buns in pan dusted with oats, polenta, or flour.

Let rise until puffy and bake as directed.

They are soft and SO delicious! Make them ahead and freeze for later.

Kitchen Notes

01 Read the recipe first.

02 Make sure your yeast is active.

03 Measure all ingredients before starting.

04 Follow rising and baking instructions.


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