How to make HOT CROSS BUNS

Mix yeast with water and some sugar. Make sure it's active.

Add oil, flavorings, salt, and part of the flour.

Add eggs and keep mixing with the paddle attacchment,

Add flour gradually and knead at medium speed. It will be too wet at first and pool on the bottom of the bowl.

Change to the dough hook; after a few minutes it will start to leave the sides of the bowl.

The dhoug is ready when it almost completely leaves sides and bottom of bowl.

Punch dough down and dump onto a clean surface.

Cut strips and then small pieces (eyeballing or weighing them)

Form balls by pinching each piece towards the center and rolling it with your palm.

You can also use both hands (it might take a little practice)

Place buns in pan dusted with oats, polenta or flour.

Let rise until puffy and bake as directed.

They are soft and delicious!

They can be frozen for a month.