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Flan is one of the most wonderful egg-based custards ever. Very popular in Latin and Spanish cooking.


Chocolate Cocoa powder Condensed milk Milk Cream Eggs Vanilla Salt Sugar


Make the caramel by heating sugar until it completely dissolves and turns amber colored.

Pour into the flan pan and coat it completely. Be careful as the caramel is VERY hot.

Add hot milk mixture to the chocolate and cocoa, and then to the condensed milk.

Lightly beat the eggs (just to mix) and gradually add the chocolate preparation.

Put the flan pan in a larger one (roasting pan) and carefully add the chocolate batter.

In the oven, add hot water to the roasting pan. Bake until jiggly. Turn off. Cool and refrigerate.

Loosen the cold hardened caramel over medium heat until the flan is loose.

Flip over quickly with a large serving plate on top, holding tightly.

Decorate at the last moment and serve cold. Use whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or dulce de leche.

It keeps for a week in the fridge before unmolding. Refrigerate leftovers, covered.

01  Read the whole recipe before starting. 02 Be careful when working with caramel. 03 Bake in a water bath. 04 Refrigerate as instructed before serving.